Dear Beloved I feel you  My heart keeps on  Saying your name My soul illuminates  With your love My eyes shine bright When I see you My veins delights  When I hear your voice Dear Beloved I feel you

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Sufism is the name of Love Sufism is the name of Faith Sufism is the name of Spirituality Sufism is the name of Purity Sufism is the name of Kindness Sufism is the name of Humanity Sufism is the name of Unity

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Love The last nail  In the coffin Of darkness And the never Ending journey of selflessness Divine light shines on  The hearts and faces Of lovers  And purifies them Love

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Baby Oh Baby I saw you today In a black dress With aviators on Baby Oh Baby You hair were Unfurling beautifully  I was enjoying the view Baby Oh Baby It seemed like I was in heaven Because I never saw Something that beautiful Baby Oh Baby I was feeling like I was the luckiest […]

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Dear Love-XXX

Dear Love So here we are Fought many battles together Bravely, and got through them You did everything for me That you could possibly do Spent a great time with you You made me laugh You made me cry You made me feel love You made me strong You made me a lover And I […]

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Baby Oh Baby Now that I am with you Lets love each other With our heart and soul And keep seeing each other Baby O Baby Now that time is loyal to us Lets take full advantage of that Lets talk, laugh and love For we are each other’s life Baby O Baby I love […]

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Dear Love-XXVIII

Dear love I spent all the day Thinking about you Drowned in you I see nothing else But only you I hear nothing But only your voice Which is so melodios And so magical I get lost in it People started to Call me crazy But I don’t care For I know That I love […]

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Once Upon A Time-V

Once Upon a time There lived two lovers As time passed Their love grew stronger Everyone praised their love For how sweet it was The boy would walk miles Just to see a glimpse of his beloved Her beautiful smile would made his day He wanted nothing but her love The girl loved him too […]

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Dear Love-XXVI

Dear love I traveled a lot Just to see you To talk to you Laugh with you And cry with you Dear love The journey was not easy Many hurdles came in my way But when they came I just remembered Your pure and warm love And it made me Get through them Now that […]

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What is love? If I ask you Well my friends Love is a satisfying pain A pain you get addicted to You feel it in your soul and heart Nothing is as painful and beautiful As is love

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My heart was unknown to love My beloved made it known to love I knew not What was love Nor love knew me But now that I’ve known love And love has known me I rest in love And I will rest in love forever Even if I die Death can’t kill lovers For lovers […]

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Intoxication is about losing yourself Whether in love or By getting drunk Intoxication makes you high Whether you sniff coke or Sniff love Intoxication takes you To a whole new dimension A dimension That you would have never seen before But pure intoxication is Accomplished by sniffing love Not by coke or getting drunk So […]

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I Sniffed Love

I sniffed love Now I am intoxicated I am seeing stars in day And hearing melodious songs I have attained satisfaction And fulfillment I am seeing colors everywhere And beauty all around me It is so magical I sniffed love

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Secrets Of Beloved

The secrets of beloved Are hard to find But if you keep searching One day you will find them They are many ways To find these secrets Sometimes through meditation Sometimes through prayer Sometimes through love So keep looking And one day you will find The secrets of beloved

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Fragrance Of Beloved

The fragrance of beloved Its wonderful Worth more than a Million fragrances combined It is so addicting Makes you want to keep sniffing it Like its coke It unfolds the secrets of nature to me Secrets that we seek all our life The fragrance of beloved

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Baby How much I love you You don’t know Baby How much I am loyal to you You don’t know Baby How much I am fond of you You don’t know Baby How much I owe you You don’t know Baby How much I am close to you You don’t know Baby I love you

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Baby My heart burns When I see your lips My soul crushes When I see you smile My face glows When I see you eyes My earns excite When I hear your voice Baby I love you

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Baby Oh my Baby I won’t be able to live without you The world is trying to separate us But I won’t let them separate us I will push as hard as I can To stop them And even if they somehow Manage to separate us Just know that I will love you forever And […]

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Dear Love-XXV

Dear love How much I love you Let me tell you How much I love you More than the stars on the sky I love you More than the birds on the sky I love you More than the plants on earth I love you More than the grains of sand on earth I love […]

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