So it usually happens to me like some really deep thoughts come to my mind and questions too regarding them like “What if everyday we wake up and its a new person that just woke up not the same person who slept last night?” I know it sounds silly but I really think about this […]

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Ships take us from one bank of a sea,river or lake to another safely.The passengers board on it because they trust that it will take them to their destination safely.There was a ship it was well known for its toughness and beauty.It was a cloudy day passengers were off to their new destination, boarding the […]

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Smokes and Someone

A pack of smokes and someone special at a peaceful place is all I desire in the world.As we talk and open the pack the scent of fresh cigarettes with the burnt odor of many memories spreads  in the air.As I take out cigarettes from the pack and light it with my lighter, the sound of […]

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Sitting with my loneliness today alone in the dark  taking a  puff of cigarette staring  into its eyes I smiled, while exhaling out the smoke I asked, “Why are you still here with me when everyone else left me?” Loneliness looked at me with its dark eyes and said, “Because I knew you would need […]

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Her eyes were lost in her past.Desired no love.She started loving her chains.It was not the chains which is keeping her a prisoner it is her love for the chains.Blame her not because its not her fault.It is the fault of all those who never told her how beautiful is she and her soul.Beauty lies […]

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