E=mc2 E for energy M for mass C  for speed of light  When light strikes matter  With speed Its mass Starts to fade away  Converting it into energy  Energy the purest  Form of light  Having different names God Love Soul Where ever you go  In the world or outside of it  There will always be   […]

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Love The whole world  Claims to know  It very well But still couldn’t find it Funny isn’t it  No it’s not  It’s rather very  Depressing  All of you out there Let me tell you a secret  About Love The absence of mass The presence of energy This is love  Yes my Dear Love and love For […]

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Love The last nail  In the coffin Of darkness And the never Ending journey of selflessness Divine light shines on  The hearts and faces Of lovers  And purifies them Love

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Am I Me?

Am I me? I guess not If not then Who is me? Well I guess Someone I haven’t sat free yet I haven’t loved yet I haven’t seen yet I haven’t touched yet I Hope to meet me  Some day Someday  Am I me?

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