Learn Learn from the hardness of stones Learn from the softness of snow Learn from the flow of water Learn from the singing of birds Learn from the questions of children Learn from the answers of elders Learn from the experience of love Learn from the cruelty of war Learn from the brightness of stars […]

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Dear Today I was listening to your praises And I was being filled by love I was thinking about your purity And I was remembering your face Your praises made me high And I was enjoying the moment Dear I Love You

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Rules Of Love

Rules of love Are not so easy I am telling the rules So you can also be a lover Be pure Be kind Be consistent Be lovely Be intoxicated Be sober Be true Be sweet So now you know The rules of love You can be a lover too now

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Dear friends Let me tell you about A stage of love Known as Mysticism Mysticism is union Union with beloved A stage which can’t Be understood by intellect A very superior stage In which there is only beloved In which you are vanished And all that remains is beloved  

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Stages Of Love

Stages of love Let me tell you About some of them Happiness Distance Heartbreak Depression Patience Ecstasy Remembrance Pureness Spirituality Calmness Mysticism Asceticism      

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Be Patient

Be patient And you will achieve Everything Be patient And you will be successful Always Be patient And you will find Everything Be patient And you won’t have regrets Never Be patient And you will be a lover Always  

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I Am Love

I am love I am so cruel I give no shelter I give nothing I test people I test even the best ones I am friend I am enemy I test faith I test honesty I am love

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Who am I?

Who am I? Am I a good person? But I see no goodness in me Am I a religious person? But I see no religion in me Am I hardworking? But I see no hard work in me Am I knowledgeable? But I see no knowledge in me Am I pure? But I see no […]

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I am intoxicated I sing praises of my beloved All the time I fly high all the time I am singing all the time I love all the time All the time I am intoxicated I see meanings I am not blind For intoxication has opened my eyes I am intoxicated I see love I […]

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Miracles Miracles Your talk is a miracle Your walk is a miracle Your laugh is a miracle Your smile is a miracle You are a miracle Don’t you see You are a miracle Are you blind? The way you enjoy The way you love The way you pray The way you struggle The way you […]

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Lovers have no regrets Lovers have no sadness Lovers have no grieves Lovers have no fear Lovers have no greed Lovers have no evilness Lovers have no failures Lovers have no hypocrisy Lovers have nothing Lovers are nothing  

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I am a Faqeer Drowned in love Drowned in beloved Drowned in spirituality Drowned in ecstasy Drowned in mysticism Drowned in Divine’s glimpses Drowned in intoxication Drowned in secrets  Drowned in truth I am a Faqeer  

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Try to lift yourself up Try to make yourself happy Try to be honest Try to be true Try to make others happy Try to help others Try to love Try to bend

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A Beautiful World-II

What a beautiful world it is Where the oceans dance What a beautiful world it is Where the quietness speaks What a beautiful world it is Where the babies smile What a beautiful world it is Where the kids play What a beautiful world it is Where the people pray What a beautiful world it […]

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