Pure Light-II

I have seen the pure light It was so bright I felt it so satisfying It washed away all my falsifying I could not help But fall in love with the pure light I was so white It always made me do right   Advertisements

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Dear Love-II

Dear Love What about me I did no wrong But guess what you were dong Woke me up from darkness By not being my mistress Now I am on the right  Absorbing the light Dear Love  I am flying like a dove

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I Write-IV

I write what I am taught through I write what I am been through I write what I am presented I write what I am granted I write what I could write I write what I should write I write everything  I can write anything  

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Soul Mate

Who is a soul mate? well a soul mate is someone whose soul and your soul are aware of each other and both souls can feel them like one soul.It is not necessary that only a woman can be a soul mate but a soul mate can be anyone who understands you fully and you […]

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Lying on my bed In my dark room  With stars on the roof and walls Only me and my thoughts While I listen carefully to my thoughts As they talk to me My soul starts to walk away from me The more I pay attention The more I am close to an invention     […]

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I am lost Lying on the death bed I have no life I am like a barren land I have no one to understand Even though my own self Drowned in my own thoughts I have nothing to say Even though I have every one to love But still I am searching for more love […]

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I Write-III

I write what I am supposed to write I write what I am proposed to write I write what is necessary I write what is complimentary I write what is needed the most I write what is lost I write like love I write I am a dove  

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I Am A Writer

Dedicated to all my fellow writers out there I am a writer Fought like a fighter                                                                lived life like soldier Lifted a lot my […]

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I write-II

I write thoughts I write ideas I write imagination I write illustration I write reality I write beauty I write everything I write zing

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Observe water Observe mud Observe sky Observe land Observe trees Observe plants Observe light Observe darkness Observe colors Observe emptiness Observe satisfaction Observe animals Observe birds Observe fishes Observe mountains Observe meadows Observe grass Observe sand Observe humans Observe yourself Observe everything For the real secret is to observe  

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Life Goes On Forever

Life goes on forever So relax man You wont die If you are ill Dont get scared Fight with your illness Fight like a samurai Stare your fears Straight in the eye Tell it whose the man Meditate daily and relax Be a spectator of nature It is so peaceful and beautiful Be a free […]

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Little Things

Enjoy the little things in life These are valuable packs of joy Open those packs and get high Life will go on So will you Dont get worried Everything will be alright Have some faith And follow your passion Work on it and be a legend Enjoy the little things in life For these little […]

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I Write

As the flow of thoughts start I take a pen and a notebook And start to write  Enjoying every word as I write It is the most amazing feeling in the world Feeling as if I have time in my control  Molding  it in the way I wish And my journey to a world within […]

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Love At First Sight

All the power and beauty in the world Gathered in that first sight The time stopped My eyes at beloved While I was lost in the beloved I was frozen in the moment As if  I was stuck by lightning My heart burned And I almost died My soul lifted in another universe A universe […]

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Perfect Creation

Have a look at yourself and observe Your glowing complexion Your shining eyes Your red lips Your dark long hair Your melodius voice Your soft cheeks Have a look at yourself and observe For you are God’s Perfect creation

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Sighs Of Relief

With someone special At a special place In a special enviroment I talk to a special light And get lost in its rays Like I am drunk All I know in the end was light being absorbed in me The fulfiling light then vanishes And I exale sighs of relief

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A World Beyond

Come see there is a world beyond Step out of your loop  Bestow yourself in the memory of your beloved Then keep observing the pretty changes The things which were meaningless before Will convey meanings themselve Then People will not laugh at you But will respect you and like to spend time with you If […]

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I had a friend

I had a friend He used to be my best friend He used to sing with me He used to plan trips with me He used to have long walks with me He used to be a good friend He used to be a reflection of me To be honest he was me But now […]

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Spreading Smiles

Have you ever wondered how it feels to help someone put on a smile on their face believe me it is one of the greatest feeling in the world.You see people are so pissed off these days everyone is fighting a battle of their own kind so, seeing that I feel that we should help […]

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