I am beloved Waiting for the beloved I dream of the beloved Even though in the day I feel like I am in heaven Even though I am not in heaven I burn in the fire of the beloved Drowned in the beloved I have nothing but beloved Even though I have found the beloved […]

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Coffee and Rain

A cup of hot coffee A Rainy day The drops of rain The steam of hot coffee The warmth of coffee The cool breeze of rain The sweet taste of coffee The magical sound of rain The satisfaction after finishing the cup The pleasant smell of land after rain  

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Ruined I am,There is no healer Ruined I am, There is no cure Ruined I am,There is no light Ruined I am,There is no savior Ruined I am,There is no joy Ruined I am,There is no hope Ruined I am,There is no life Ruined I am,There is nothing Ruined I am,There are grieves Ruined I […]

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Well the word maybe very disturbing to many of us around to be honest it is, but what does it means?It means, “Not achieving something which you expected” well why so?there can be many reasons to it like depression,anxiety,adjustment disorders,lack of concentration,lack of hard work and the list goes on and on.Failure is what we […]

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Life Story

Life knocks me down to ground But I have to get up and fight this round Life is difficult to be lived But yet to be lived Life gives me no hope But still I am holding the Rope Life gets darker with each day passing But still I have to wait for some blessing […]

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A beautiful Life

Despite the hatred and racism it’s still a beautiful life It’s still a beautiful life even if you have been called a negro Despite the cruelty and wars it’s still a beautiful life It’s still a beautiful life even if you are just about to lose the war Despite the tears and scars it’s still […]

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