Inspiration is something which motivates you.Inspiration leads you to success depending upon how determined you are.It makes an ordinary person do some real extraordinary things, behind every success story there is inspiration which inspired that person to be the person he is right now.Inspiration is just like love for example when you are in love […]

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Tough Times

I’ve been going through tough times these days it seems like success lost its way and it hurts.Everything is at stake because its my last chance at the university and I have to score pretty good marks.Most of the times I feel drained out you know like out of energy and motivation but still I […]

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Divine is all filled with love and purity.He may have hidden himself from us but still with your heart you can see him and feel him.He expects nothing but good deeds from us.The thing he loves the most is that we treat other creatures with love and kindness.He is everywhere.He is beautiful and thus loves […]

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A Beautiful Heart

Why there is so much chaos and trouble in the world if I ask you, well you may have your own perspective and I respect that but according to me it is due to the fact that we have lost that purity which lies in our hearts which makes us pure,loving,kind and beautiful so how […]

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Drunk I am for the wine is love Drunk I am for the wine is full of purity and spirituality Drunk I am for the wine makes me more thirsty Drunk I am for the wine makes me immortal Drunk I am for the sommelier is Divine himself Drunk I am for the Divine uncovers […]

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Improve Yourself

Improving yourself is the toughest thing one can do because actually everybody wants to to improve but less are willing to take the pain for it.People want to improve themselves but they don’t want to work hard for it actually it is because they don’t know how to work hard.So following are some of the […]

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Love is a beautiful journey deeper than the depths of the oceans and higher than the heights of the mountains.Love knows no boundaries.Love has many forms take for example the love of a mother which is incomparable.A mother loves her children more than anything in this world till her last breath.It is true that “love […]

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So it usually happens to me like some really deep thoughts come to my mind and questions too regarding them like “What if everyday we wake up and its a new person that just woke up not the same person who slept last night?” I know it sounds silly but I really think about this […]

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