Ships take us from one bank of a sea,river or lake to another safely.The passengers board on it because they trust that it will take them to their destination safely.There was a ship it was well known for its toughness and beauty.It was a cloudy day passengers were off to their new destination, boarding the […]

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What is this pain? What am I to gain? Cant see any light I Shouldn’t even fight There is no path I am all filled with wrath Shed all my tears I cried a lot in years Lost the meaning of happiness I am all filled with emptiness Frightened by night I am no knight […]

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“Humans” it is a long journey isn’t it? I mean seriously have a look back to times when we didn’t even knew how to count  and now we have made super smart machines who can perform calculations better than us, think about the times when tire was not invented and humans had to travel long […]

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Imagination and Invention

Imagination knows no boundaries you can imagine about anything.Imagination itself is the first step to invention.Think about all the inventions in this world they started from the imagination of their inventor which he imagined and then found the possibilities by which he can actually invent.Imagination gives us wings to fly to a newly different world […]

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A writer is basically an artist who puts his ideas and thoughts into words artistically.A writer shapes his imagination,fantasies,desires,past experiences and even his whole life into words he wants his ideas and thoughts to be read and known by the world.A writer doesn’t care about fame or money he just loves writing with passion and […]

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Television is one of the greatest inventions of man kind where while sitting in your room with your loved ones have a cup of coffee or tea you can watch content from all over the world which is nearly equal traveling those places “virtually”  but is it that good? well we will see about that.So […]

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Pain hurts.Yes it hurts a lot, but what can we do about it in spite of just facing it everyday.Well actually sometimes pain keeps us alive.Remember that only a alive one can feel the pain where the dead ones like me are immune to it and not only immune but we enjoy it too.Yes it […]

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Life is full of worries isn’t it? well no its not.Life is beautiful if you pay attention to the little details of it.Have a look at your loved ones and their beautiful smiles look how happy they are when they are with you ,Look at the sky how beautiful it is all decorated with dense […]

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So there’s a place close to Abbottabad, Pakistan named as “Miranjani”. To be honest forget the place man I got lost in the journey .So the journey begins.First you have to get to Nathia Gali.Nathia Gali itself a beauty of its own kind.On the way to Nathia Gali you can see real big mountains with […]

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Death is something scary isn’t it? Well no, Its not.Actually death is the phase when your soul travels from this materialistic world to the real world of souls.This journey of traveling your soul from this world to the world of souls is known as “Death”. Well still then why do people fear death the most […]

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Smokes and Someone

A pack of smokes and someone special at a peaceful place is all I desire in the world.As we talk and open the pack the scent of fresh cigarettes with the burnt odor of many memories spreads  in the air.As I take out cigarettes from the pack and light it with my lighter, the sound of […]

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I can feel the winters coming.I feel the cool breeze at night.I can smell the lonely scent of winters.I can also listen the sound of silence not only with my ears but with my heart too.You should hear it too its beautiful.Winters have always been hard on me don’t know why but there is a […]

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Sitting with my loneliness today alone in the dark  taking a  puff of cigarette staring  into its eyes I smiled, while exhaling out the smoke I asked, “Why are you still here with me when everyone else left me?” Loneliness looked at me with its dark eyes and said, “Because I knew you would need […]

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Dream Place

What is your dream place if I ask you? Most Likely you would name a place with where you always wanted to live with your loved ones but have you ever thought that why that specific place and why with those specific loved ones? I don’t  think so but that’s okay right I mean who […]

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Her eyes were lost in her past.Desired no love.She started loving her chains.It was not the chains which is keeping her a prisoner it is her love for the chains.Blame her not because its not her fault.It is the fault of all those who never told her how beautiful is she and her soul.Beauty lies […]

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They say that soul is all we have.Well that is true though.But wait what is soul? To know what is soul we should know what is heart.Well your heart is the collection of all your emotions,sorrow,grieves,love,hate,desires.Heart is the center point of all these things.Now the beauty of heart is that what is in it the […]

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